Korean food at Toa Payoh #hawkerfare

I have explored the mini army stew in my previous post and i am now back to Man's Kitchen & Waker Chicken for more! Trying the Waker original chicken, kimchi fried rice and bibimbap. I only realised they had a 'tender' version of the chicken after my order came. :S The waker original chicken seems more like breast meat to me? If it is breast meat, it is quite nicely done. The chicken is not tough at all. The bibimbap however was quite disappointing. okay so it doesn't have much sauce cos bibimbap is like that. lol i really can't appreciate this kind of rice dish. Kimchi fried rice is served on a hot plate  but portion is really too little. I do not expect these kind of store in a coffeeshop to have restaurant standard but it is really nice to see people putting in effort and serve affordable korean food. 

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