1) I think i did not eat roti prata for quite some time. It was not a food item that i was always craving for, and that day i had cravings for roti prata, so i went out and got myself a plain and egg one. It was good and satisfied my tummy. Curry is for dipping~ 

2) It has also been awhile since i made myself some pasta. I remembered my Balsamic Chicken Bowl Recipe and added mushroom instead. I had white button and oyster mushrooms at home. Easy to make and yummy at the same time. 

3) There are a few western food stores that opened near my house these past few months. There's Char Grill Bar (Toa Payoh) that serves affordable and good western food. Their system is similar to Botak Jones or Big Bern's where they let you choose 2 side dishes that comes with the main dish. I ordered chicken chop and my sides were turmeric rice and french fries. The chicken chop was tender and well-seasoned. the sauce complimented the chicken. 

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