Sushiro - Affordable Bara Chirashi Don in Singapore

There was already a snaking queue when i got there but i was seated quite fast cos i was alone. I had the counter seat with several people who were there for lunch as well. The restaurant was quite spacious and could accommodate quite a lot of people. 

So i made a trip down to Sushiro after my exams for lunch and tried the Bara Chirashi Don ($12.80). They were quite generous with the servings of salmon, tuna, octopus, prawn and salmon roe. They were also quite fast and serve my order to me within 10-15 minutes? Although the sashimi was absolutely delectable and fresh, i felt that the rice wasn't that good. There was an overabundance of soy sauce and it kind of masked the taste of the Japanese rice. Maybe good to let customers drizzle it on their own? 

Address: Thomson Plaza
#01-113F, 301 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574408
Opening Hours: Tues - Sun 11.45am – 2.15pm, 5.45pm – 9.15pm
Closed on Monday

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What i ate in a day at Tampines

Brothers in Fine food. Only managed to order this Red Velvet Hot Chocolate cos kitchen closed to prepare for dinner. I don't understand WTS is wrong with these kind of cafes. I don't see other places rejecting food orders also. FYI there's like only 3-4 people around when i was there seated at 1 table. No obvious taste of red velvet in this hot chocolate but the pinkish tone does make the drink pretty instagrammable. <3

Address: 5 Tampines Avenue 3
#02-07 Tampines West Community Club
Singapore 529705
Opening Hours: Tues - Fri 12pm - 10.30pm
Sat - Sun 9am - 10.30pm
Closed on Monday

Fu Yuan Teochew Bak Chor Mee. I only went there cos Misstamchiak says this one is comparable to Hill street tai hwa pork noodles but i was so disappointed! I ordered my bowl of noodles with no chili. I even asked them whether they put vinegar but there wasn't any distinct taste of vinegar anywhere. Besides that, the overall dish is really mediocre. Not worth to try... 

Address: Block 201C Tampines Street 21
Singapore 523201
Opening Hours: 6am - 2.30pm
5pm - 8pm

Ice cream skool. Small ice cream shop. I ordered the cotton candy ice cream and it tastes more like peppermint ice cream. lol Waffle was not bad though. Syringe contains chocolate sauce for you to drizzle on waffle. 

Address: 445 Tampines Street 42
Singapore 520445
Opening Hours: 12pm - 9.30pm 
Closed on Sunday

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SOI 47 THAI FOOD, New Affordable Thai food Restaurant in Toa Payoh heartlands

New thailand food restaurant, SOI 47 THAI FOOD opened in the spot where Studio Cafe used to be. I knew i had to thai'd that! The cafe has outdoor and indoor seating. They don't have air conditioning unfortunately but it is fairly cooling sitting inside and outside though. Really nice to have yummy and affordable thai food restaurant that's just of walking distance to my house. Hope they're here to stay. 

Had to order my favorite olive fried rice, also ordered chicken green curry and also seafood vermicelli. All this cost only slightly more than $20. Cheap and satis"thai'ing. 

I am having green curry with chicken, pineapple fried rice and pad thai! I like their green curry. It's really good that it is not really spicy and it is kind of thick and has a robust flavor.  

Ordered something different other than the green curry which we loved so much! Ordered the omelette and fried chicken in Thai herb. The fried chicken is somehow still quite crunchy after Being drenched in sauce. We also ordered their rice to go with all the food this time. Still super affordable. 

Kway Teow soup with rolled pork~ Wouldn't say this is the best but nonetheless satisfy my cravings for something soupy.

Address: 47 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
Singapore 310047
Opening Hours: 12pm - 2.30pm
5.30pm - 10pm 
Closed on Monday


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The Living Cafe - Living healthy? Healthy cafe food in Singapore

I went to this cafe on one of the day when i had to go to school. I believe it was on a weekend. As they are opened super early on a weekend at 9am, i had the chance to go here for breakfast before i head to school. Do check this cafe out if you're looking for healthy food. :)

i think this is my first time drinking a soy latte? ☕️ The taste is quite similar but you get the soy aftertaste if you know what i mean? hahaha would be nice if they have a nice latte art though.

Wild Barramundi Brown Rice Bowl. Wanted to order the zucchini pesto pasta but i didn't see it on the menu so next up is this rice bowl! It is served in a clay pot and mine comes with pesto sauce which you can mixed it with your brown rice. It is all garnished with shredded lettuce, red onion, avocado, lime wedge. I just wanted to say how fresh and yummy the barramundi fish is! yum yum yum! The brown rice is also fragrant. Can i eat healthy from now on? lol

Address: 779 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269758
Opening Hours: Mon - Thurs 11am - 7pm
Fri 11am - 10pm
Sat  -  9am - 10pm
Sun 9am - 8pm

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Artisan toast at The Bakery By Woodlands Sourdough

I had this as my lunch during one of my weekend class. The Bakery By Woodlands Sourdough is rather interesting, as in i do not know any cafe that specializes in these kind of toasts? This cafe is also rather small in size. Apart of from where i am seated, there are probably around 4-5 small tables that can probably seat 12 more people and then the table below is probably not suitable for anyone cos weather too hot and can rain anytime. I was there when it was about to rain and the wind is freaking strong? wtf, the vase with the dried flowers looks like it was about to fly off anytime. scary AF. 

This artisan bakery is located at Serene Centre which is at Bukit Timah! I used to go to Serene Centre during my secondary days to play Warhammer with my friends. How Nostalgic. The shop that we always visited is no longer there now though. The sourdough is extremely HARD but the toppings on top is delicious!!! The Hummus Za'atar EVOO toast is so good. You could see that they spread a generous amount of that on top of that sourdough and it is so creamy. The Sage Cream Cheese Berry toast was good too. You can also see they spread a generous amount of cream cheese on the sour dough as well. Just a wonderful medley of sweet and sour. Please do not order the Coconut Cold Brew though. So bitter and.... yuck. lol 

Address: 10 Jalan Serene
#01-05 Serene Centre
Singapore 258748
Opening Hours: Wed -Sun 8.30am - 6pm
Closed on Mon and Tues

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Galaxy drink at The Talad Drink & Thai Kitchen

So the color changing drinks are so trendy right now. They had those drinks at the art box but who knows i can have it in Toa Payoh comfortably without queuing and sweating like a pig. LOL I am also into Green curry so i ordered the green curry fried rice! This plate of green curry fried rice($5.50) is pretty good! Spicy and flavorful.

I also ordered the color changing drink($3.80)! The only thing special about this drink is that it is pretty like Galaxy, other than that i find that it taste like H20 or 100plus? lol the Passion fruit was quite diluted and the taste of the butterfly pea tea was quite mild. Although the taste was lackluster but it was refreshing to drink this.  

Address: 190 Toa Payoh Lorong 6
Singapore 310190
Opening Hours: 11am - 9pm daily

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All day breakfast at La Ristrettos

I headed to Square 2 which was at Novena to buy some food items to make Korean Army Stew! It was a success~ Before that, i went to La Ristrettos for breakfast. I think this is my third time there? We did not take the outdoor seat as it was raining before. I wanted to try their All Day Breakfast items so i ordered the Grande. You can choose how you want your eggs to be done. They have a choice of scramble, poached or sunny side. I chose scrambled eggs! It also comes with sauteed mushrooms, bacon, spicy italian sausage, salad and sour dough. I paid $14 for this and i feel like it is worth it portion wise but taste wise, maybe not. Felt that there is nothing outstanding about this. lol 

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Hainan Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee and Ah Bong's Italian

Hainan Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee 海南福建炒虾面. They actually cut the noodles and bee hoon shorter for you? Taste wise was good! Could taste the prawn broth with a slight hint of smokiness wok hei~ Yes, i tried my best to identify the wok hei taste. Btw, they're super busy so there should be a queue when you're there, but the uncle asked me to go take a seat first and come back after 10-15 minutes to collect my plate. :) This is nearer from Lavender Mrt Station. However you can walk from Bugis as well. 

Address: 505 Beach Road
#B1-34 Golden Mile Food Centre
Singapore 199583
Opening Hours: 11am - 2pm 
3pm - 9pm
Closed on Wednesday

Ah Bong's Italian. Poor man's truffle. I could smell the truffle as the server was bringing this to me. This is how strong the smell was. They have a generous portion of Conchiglie pasta(also known as shells pasta), mushroom pesto and cheese on top. Very robust in flavor and fragrant. I ordered the $12 lunch set that comes with a drink and a measly brownie. Super near to Bugis Mrt Station.

Address: 103 Beach Road
Singapore 189704
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 12pm - 2pm 6pm - 9pm
Sat - Sun 12 - 2.30pm 6pm - 9pm

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Châteraisé (Toa Payoh)

I actually saw this Japanese Pastry Shop before in Novena, but i did not try it. They have opened a new outlet at Toa Payoh, so i went there on one fine morning and bought myself some cakes and coffee. :) I have always known that Japan emphasizes a lot on quality and service. 
I have eaten Japanese pastries in Japan and they are the best! The pastries from the shop are delivered directly from japan. No wonder they taste so good! 

Address: Blk 490, Toa Payoh Lorong 6, #01-15, Singapore 310490
Opening Hours: 9am - 9.30pm daily

 Legendary Fresh Cream Cake($5.10) . The sponge cake is so fluffy and is layered with yummy cream~ Perfect desert for an afternoon coffee break.

 Happy Little Bear ($4.70) So so so so beary cute!!!

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Japanese Rice Bowls

So i recently bought a bag of Japanese rice from cold storage for $9. I was really inspired by Japanese Rice Bowls and also i wanted to make sushi. I failed terribly at making sushi so i didn't take any pictures of that but i believe practice makes perfect! I am just abit puzzled as to why 1/4 cup Arborio Rice is enough 1 person but 1/4 cup of Japanese Rice is so little in terms of portion? I had to use 1 cup of Japanese Rice to fill the bowl to at least 3/4 filled? Why?

As you can see, I used ingredients that are readily available in supermarkets such as baby corns, cherry tomatoes, eggs, mushrooms and carrots. I also added seafood such as prawns and scallops. I also tried to make chicken cooked in teriyaki sauce and also cooked some of the vegetables and scallops in balsamic vinegar just because i like to it to be slightly sour. I think you can use any kind of sauce that you prefer. For the toppings, i use nori tamago furikake. I am not sure whether Fairprice has these, but i gotten mine from cold storage. Have fun making your own Japanese inspired rice bowls at home. :)

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