REVIEW: Good Cafe food in Singapore: RONIN CAFE at Clarke Quay

Idk about you but i normally don't have much time for cafe hopping amidst all the assignments and their tight datelines. I  only find time to go out and eat when i have time before appointments where i took off for that. RONIN has been one of the cafes that i have always wanted to go to~ TBH it is not easy to find this cafe, i managed to spot this after i walked past the door the second time. LOL I am seriously not the best navigator. They also do not have the best lighting for food photos. Luckily my Fujifilm XA2 managed to shoot some pretty decent in such low light and also edited with the help of Photoshop.

Anyways i ordered the their signature minted coffee. Idk about you but the wicked coffee reminds me of the title of the first episode of charmed ' something wicca this way comes ' . LOL Their signature minted mocha is a perfect balance of minty and chocolaty. Coffee not very strong. 

I also ordered the scrambled egg on toast. The scrambled eggs are no doubt one of the creamiest one i have tried, but it is lacking in flavor. I have mine with toast and portobello mushrooms! Only $12.50 for this. I have not tried the other food items but i would definitely drop by for food if i am nearby next time. 

Address: 17 Hong Kong Street
Singapore 059660
Opening Hours: 8am - 6pm Daily

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