REVIEW: Dapper Coffee at Amoy Street

Address: 73 Amoy St, Singapore 069892
Opening Hours: 8am - 5pm 
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Went to this cafe after a dental appointment. Read that they have power points and WiFi available. This cafe is kind of in between 2 stations(Telok Ayer and Tanjong Pagar). Much nearer if you travel from Telok Ayer. Dapper coffee is opened in the day and the cafe is transformed into the spiffier dapper at night. The interior is dimly lit and curtains are not drawn so there is minimum sun light illuminating the room.  Not sure what kind of design they are going for but the cafes uses mainly wooden fixtures. I was there slightly before lunch and it was crowded during lunch hour. I recommend people to go on mid-noon to avoid the lunch crowd and to get much needed peace to do your work~ 

I ordered the Nori Pesto pasta with the mystical unicorn tears! Loved the nori pesto pasta, and its fusion of western and Japanese elements was nice. Pasta was al-dente and unicorn tears tasted more like sprite or 7-up. Looks very nice though.

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Osaka June 2016 5 days 4 nights Itinerary - Day 5 (Eggs 'n Things, Pokemon Center @ Daimaru and Pokemon Store @ Kansai Airport)

I am finally going to write on my last day in Osaka. 

Hotel Relief Namba Daikokucho is by far the most spacious hotel that i have ever stayed in Japan. Look at the amount of space. They even have a small tables with chairs by the window. Not much view outside though. ha ha. You even have space to walk after opening your luggage. I am sure most budget hotel don't have the luxury of doing that. It is somewhat located between Daikokucho and Namba station. It is slightly nearer to Daikokucho station though. It takes about 6-7 minutes to get to the hotel from Daikokucho station by foot. It is about 10 minutes to  walk to Namba station. 

They also have a cafe in the hotel. The hotel staff will pass you discount coupons which you can use when you're staying there. I never utilize those as i prefer to eat outside. 

Address: 3-17-15, Nambanaka, Naniwa Osaka Osaka-fu

Walk way is rather narrow. They have separate rooms for toilet and bath. I guess it is much neater this way.

Table for those who need to look at the mirror be it make up or styling of the hair.

Bought this vegetable juice from the convenice store. :)

Beautiful pink flowers~ 

Isn't it a good sunny day!!! 

Umm.. I walked all the way to shinsaibashi for breakfast!

Eggs 'n Things 心斎橋店

Address: Japan, 〒542-0086 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka 中央区西心斎橋2-10-2 CriceNikko西心斎橋1階
Opening Hours: 9am to 10pm daily

I ordered this eggs benedict! Loved how generous they are with the hollandaise sauce. I think it was some kind of sausage beneath the eggs. This was served with generous portion of roasted potatoes. Yummy as uusal! Not sure if this was the theme in all their outlets but this store has a very strong Hawaiian laid-back vibe.

After this I went to starbucks and order the baked cheesecake frapp again and to recharge my phone battery as well.

I also went back to the Pokemon center at Daimaru! Took more photos so you guys can have a better look at what they are selling here! They have everything ranging from plushies of different sizes, snacks, food, stationery, figurines, arcade games, hand-phone accessories, badges and gachapon!

Flowers like these wound't have survive here in Singapore but these could be seen in Japan. 

After that i was craving for okonomiyaki, so i went around looking for this! I think this was a little too much for 1 person. hahaha. I took quite a while to finish this!

Also some time for deserts!! 

After that i went back to the hotel, checked out and went to the airport. I decide to check in my togekiss plushie that i got from the pokemon store at the pokemon expo gym. Too big to fit into my luggage!

They have a small pokemon store at the Kansai airport!! The store is around the same size as the one at the Tokyo station.

Umm... Look at how cute this is!! I also bought this limited edition pikachu in kansai airport. Not sure if this one is supposed to be a pilot? 

A small area near the Pokemon store for kids to play in i guess? They're playing the trailer for the new Pokemon movie which has already been released in Japan by now. 

They have Sanuki Udon at the airport so i had a quick lunch there! This was very yummy despite how simple this looks! Look at how clear the soup is and this was only adorned with scallion.

 Kudos for the airport staff to change the timing for my connecting flight to be earlier so I do not have to rush when i reach Haneda airport. :)

 Goodbye Osaka! I am not sure if i would be back again~ But i have a feeling i will be there for the Universal studios as I want to go to see harry potter!! Till then~Adios~


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