REVIEW: Luxe Sydney and Saveur

Luxe Sydney

Address: 1 Keong Saik Road #01-04, Singapore 089109 (The Working Capitol Building)
Opening Hours: Tues - Wed 9am – 9pm 
Thurs -Sat 9am – 10:30pm 
 Sun - Mon 9am – 4pm 

Luxe originates from Sydney. I can see that they really put effort in their food and services from the wait for the food and to the smiley waiters. Their interior oozes contemporary meets English style with the white walls & tables and wooden chairs. The cafe was really spacious with a relaxed laid-back vibe. Not sure how Aussie this is since i have never been to Australia before.  

I ordered the eggs royale with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce. Generous amount of sauce and salmon! The egg was really good too. Not sure if you've tasted tasteless ones from other cafes, but this was really yummy. I also ordered an iced cafe latte since it was really hot outside.


Address: 14 SCOTTS ROAD #01-07B
Opening Hours: 11.30am - 9.30pm

Yeah so i met my friend to watch Ghost Busters together and we had lunch before we went to the theater. He had this app that displays the cafes or restaurants nearby.. so we decided on saveur. The restaurant was kind of crowded with many families there. I ordered this Chicken Roulade. It consists of foie gras infused chicken farce which was tender! I super loved the basmatic rice with parmesan sauce. It made the rice super fragrant and soft. This is a rather small portion for main dish though and not worth $11.90 which was kinda pricey. 

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Osaka June 2016 5 days 4 nights Itinerary - Day 3 Pt 3 (RA-MEN SHI-TEN-NOH, Dotonbori, Ramen Kio )

Don't want to put too many pictures into 1 post so i split day 3 into 3 posts. 
Continuing where i left off.. After spending my evening at Pokemon EXPOGYM, I went to dotonbori for dinner! 


Address: 1-7-25 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Opening Hours: 24/7

There are many ramen joints in Dotonbori and since i couldn't try them all in 5 days..
Anyways This shop was one of the recommended ramen joints that everyone must try at dotonbori so here i am! They have 3 types of broth which was shoyu, shio and miso. I chose shoyu this time. I feel they have more options for broth here in Osaka. Definitely seen more shoyu based broth in Osaka than in Tokyo.  The broth was thick, charsiew was nice and not overly cooked and the texture of the ramen was al dente! Satisfying dinner. 

Dotonbori at night 

Dotonbori at night is definitely more prettier at night with all the lights from the lamps and huge signboards. Even glico running man sign looks better at night with lights. 

After that i went to Starbucks to chill for awhile. umm.. day 3 and i don't have many night activities planned. Anyways they have this new drink called baked cheese cake frappucino and since it's an non-caffeinated drink, it's okay to drink this at night. Anyways the tsutaya book store at dotonbori is super huge and they have a Starbucks outlet inside as well. Good place to chill and to recharge your phone or other electronic devices. 

Ramen Kio 

Address: 大阪市中央区道頓堀2-2-17 忠兵衛ビル1F
Opening Hours: Mon - Thurs 11.30am - 2.30am
Fri - Sun 11.30am - 4.30am

After drinks at starbucks, i decided to eat some supper. I figured i didn't have time to finish them all.. umm.. so ramen it is. This was super delicious from the soup stock to the noodles. I ordered the charsiew men which had 5 piece of char siew. Loved how Japanese really emphasize on the quality of their food. Dotonbori has alot of ramen shop that opens 24/7. If i ever go there next time, i would have to stay near there. I walked back to my hotel after this scrumptious meal. 

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Osaka June 2016 5 days 4 nights Itinerary - Day 3 Pt 2 (Shitennoji Temple, Abeno Harukas, Pokemon EXPOGYM)

Day 3:

Continuing where i left off! 

Shitennoji Temple

After Oe Shrine, I went to Shitennoji Temple! Here's a picture of my onituska tiger shoe with this Osaka castle drain cover. Even the drain covers also damn chio in Osaka! It would probably be better if this was colored. In case you don't know, that's the Osaka castle with sakura. 

Not sure why there are lanterns.. 

Sad lonely lantern.... 

Not sure if this was the main entrance or one of the entrances........ 

Washed my hands here. 

Giant fat lanturn

Not sure if its real gold or gold plated... can bring home? lol

Looks very run down.. but it has its beauty i guess. 

Doug can have an easy life here... how to bring my turtle here to be set free? LOL

Im not sure what this is.. looks like a tower. 

Super love these kind of gates! It just looks so grand and magnificent. :)

The building with that golden pole thing seems to be popular but too bad it is under construction. can't take any nice pictures of it. 

Oh i read that the outer temple grounds are free, but however the inner precinct is not and requires an entrance fee. This is the five storied pagoda in which Prince Shotoku is enshrined as a statue of Kannon.

Kotan at Abeno Harukas

After this, I went to Abeno Harukas where i ate in a random ramen store. This one has a short queue so i guess it must be somewhat good. XD If you're at Abeno Harukas, you can go to Kotan at 12th storey. 


It started to rain heavily after i exited abeno harukas. It was kind of early so i decided to go the Pokemon EXPOGYM! The nearest station would be Bampakukinenkoen Station. You can see lalaport expo city after you exit the station. You won't miss it. It was still drizzling when i reached. Why is the weather so bad? :(

There's a hotel here. Seems like it is a popular place.. look at the amount of cars parked here despite the bad weather. 

that's the expo city! 

No, the weather is not going to deter me from pokemon! 

Very similar to the one in Odaiba Tokyo hor.. There's also a gundam cafe at the back of these statue. 

Pokemon EXPO GYM!! Do you know how excited i am? XD

There's a huge pokeball welcoming you as you entered the paid area of the gym. That's where all the games are. 


There's also a pokemon shop here! This one was a rather small one but well-stocked. That's the pikachu plush toy limited to this gym. I think you can only get it here. I didn't get one as it's not cute to me. XD Sorry pikachu! 

There's also a Pokemon cafe here! Nothing much here but snacks and drinks. I saw the popcorn container on Instagram and knew i had to get it irregardless of eating the popcorn or not. 

There's pokemon at almost every corner of this place and in the toilet as well. Please enjoy the pictures! 

My take on this place:

I think this games inside are more catered for kids! Not sure if i went at a bad time or what, there's no crowd at all! Just a few parents bringing their kids here. I tried the  Charizard battle show. It's basically an interactive show whereby you help Charizard becoming stronger. You can talk to the Charizard and trainer and some cool animations.Very kiddish to me. :/

I also played Macho J’s Pokemon Boxercise. It's is something like DDR where by you do a certain move according to what's on the screen. 

There's also the KFC buffet here. I obviously didn't go in. XD

I love rascal too!! I was looking for real food so i did not go in. :(

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