REVIEW: Atmosphere cafe & bistro at Alexandra Central

Went to IKEA last week and decided to drop by this fairly new cafe & bistro for dinner. This is the second outlet by Atmosphere, with their first outlet at East coast park. Not sure about their ECP outlet but this one was particularly focused on their coffee art. They made used of a tablet for ordering of food and they provided an additional $1 cost for a 3D art for your drink. The whole cafe is exquisitely decorated to resemble some sort of a posh restaurant with chandeliers, European styled chairs, marbled tables and checked floor tiling. 

321 Alexandra Road #02-01 Alexandra Central Singapore 159971
Opening hours: 11am – 10pm

All my drinks comes with a 3D art! Mine is a adorable sleeping bear while the one is frog! Btw since this is my dinner, we didn't order any coffee. Both drinks are hot chocolates ($7.00 each).

Both of us ordered the same dish. This is their Seafood Aglio Olio($16.80). The pasta dish comes with sotong, prawns and bacon. Pasta was not al dente but it was satisfying nonetheless.

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REVIEW: Toastbox at Woodlands, Causeway point

My work starts early at 8am or 9am every weekday as I don't like to rush for breakfast everyday. I always make it a point to set off for work earlier so I can have some peaceful time and enjoy my breakfast. I have been to Toastbox numerous times as it is one of the shops that open super early! 

The shop is located at Level 1 of causeway point but it is not within causeway point. It's located at the far right end when you exit the mrt station. It's towards the right when you enter causeway point. Not difficult to spot as there's always a snaking queue. Although the queue maybe long, but the waiting time is quite fast. They also have different sets such as their nanyang deights sets and toast sets. Spoilt for choices!  

Address: Causeway Point L1
1 Woodlands Square, #01-38 
Causeway Point S(738099) 
Opening hours: Daily: 7am to 10pm

Here's a simple egg noodle with egg and sausage. Oh you can see the tip of the sausage peaking out from the surface. 

Laksa! Look at how vibrant the color is! Just the right spiciness for this dish. 

Nasi lemak for breakfast? Cucumber, egg, chicken wing and ikan bilis with white fragrant rice. 

I think they call this po luo you. It's just a bun with butter in between. 

Whole wheat toast with kaya and butter, paired with coffee and eggs. This is actually one of the set. 

Mee reubus!! This is my absolutely favorite! It is not spicy at all and the noodles are always so springy. Prawns are a hit and miss as it may not be fresh sometimes. There's also tofu and hard boiled eggs. 

Mee siam! Don't really like this dish as the bee hoon is too soggy. I guess the problem is the sauce? 

Butter sugar thick toast! They sliced it nicely for you so you can just pick the cube up with the stick and eat. Very convenient. :)

Same dish but this one is kaya flavored. 

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REVIEW: Joe & Dough Cafe at Square 2

Joe & Dough was founded in 2009 with the dream to deliver the best coffee and sandwich experience to many people.It is another one of the cafes that i visited recently with free WIFI! I think i can have another list of wifi cafes already. Anyways, Joe and Dough is known for their coffee and gourmet sandwiches. Their coffee comes from the best quality Arabica beans.They also serves cakes and all-day breakfasts. 

Address: SQUARE 2, 10 Sinaran Drive #01-156 
Singapore 307506
Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday: 8.00am - 9.30pm

Here's what i ate : Truffled egg mayo with lumpfish roe (SGD $8.50)  and Latte (SGD $5.60)

The truffle in the egg mayo was not prominent and lump fish roe did not accentuate the breakfast set at all. I did quite like how creamy the egg mayo is and its nice to eat together with the bread.  The coffee is good though! How nice it is to bring your lappy here for work or just to chill with your friends. :)

This is one of their quotes on their wall which i find meaningful. Eat. Sip. Love.

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REVIEW: Jewel Cafe and Bar at Rangoon Road

I have been wanting to visit this cafe for ages but they're always closed when i was there. The alternative was always to visit brunches cafe. :X Anyways so they're finally opened, their dining space was so spacious, it spanned into the second floor as well. I was here after my first paper 2 weeks ago. One of things that made me come here was their Free wifi and the other was their chili crab pasta! 

Opening hours: Closed on Monday
9am - 1030pm Tuesday - Thursday and Sunday
9am - 11.30pm Friday - Saturday
Address: 129 Rangoon Rd, 218407 (Near to Farrer Park Mrt station)


Outdoor seating for smokers or people who just want to sit outside

The cafe was pretty dark so.. it's a miracle the pictures turn out so vivid and bright! Thanks to photo editing apps. :X 

 Anyways this pasta wasn't very spicy as compared to the one i had at Nassim Hill Bakery & Bistro. It is more of a moderate spicy after taste. It would have been better if the crab meat were served in chunks instead of slices. Mantous for you to dip into the sauce as well. It was overall a good dish. I ordered a latte and it was not bad as well. 

Chili Crab Pasta (SGD $20)
Latte (SGD 5.50)
Close up!

Look at how big this place is! Definitely conducive for studying or meetings!

Oh yes, the staffs do not walk around enough, Did not refill my water. >_>


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REVIEW: Rainbow Cottage Cafe at Ang Mo Kio

Wanted to try out neighbour hood cafes at Ang Mo Kio so i decided to grab my friend to go to this place! Not sure if their cafe name "Rainbow Cottage Cafe" is planned in conjunction with their menu as they are selling the famous rainbow and paddlepop cake! IMO, paddle pop cake is brought famous by Tian Kee & Co. Anyways, their interior is not very packed and tables are neatly spread out. Love that they decorated that little area with clouds and cute bears! 

Address: 452 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, 560452
Opening Hours: 11am - 9.30pm daily

Close up! 

Different kind of cakes! Paddle pop cake only left one! 

I guess this gives them the 'cottage' vibes? lol 

Different kind of ice cream! Unfortunately, didn't have the stomach space for waffles! Waffles should be paired with ice cream.

They served my cake first.. Should have told them not to serve this first, but their aircon is sufficient to keep the cake intact. Did not melt at all.. unlike my experience at Tian Kee & Co. Nothing special about this cake though, but i have to say that the color is quite vivid. I wonder what kind of coloring goes into this. 

Ordered a latte as well! Very nice latte art to go with my cake. 

A dinner must always go with a main dish! Here's my creamy carbonara pasta. Although the pasta wasn't al-dente, the sauce was very good. :)

Will be back to try their waffle and ice cream next time! :)

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REVIEW: MOS CAFE at Raffles City Shopping Centre

MOS BURGER is a Japanese hamburger chain that has offered hamburgers tailored to the Japanese palate since 1972. Following the opening of its first store, the company rapidly grew into a nationwide franchise thanks to a combination of its menu of delicious, freshly made food and its cordial and friendly service.

MOS Burger finally opened their cafe  in Singapore! They're located at Raffles City Shopping centre.

Address:  252 North Bridge Road, #B1-38 Raffles City Shopping Centre, Raffles City, 179103
Opening Hours: 10 am - 1030 pm daily

Check out their website and menu here: MOS Cafe MENU

Here's a photo of my friend and I enjoying the Wagyu Tower Burger. It is said that this burger was modeled after the Famous Tokyo Tower. Well Mos burger is famous for their burgers so that's what we wanted to try when we're there! There is a stick in the middle to hold the burger together and gives the whole ' tower' look. Beef patty is on point! So chewy and juicy! There's also an abundance of garlic, cheese, ham and cabbage. Definitely a burger that could keep you full. You can also see that I ordered their set meal which comes with fries and milk tea! 

Here's my fruit parfait! Kind of regret trying this as it is too SWEET! It's basicaly gelato topped with raspberry with mangoes, nuts and honey at the bottom.

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