REVIEW: Paddy Hills at South Buona Vista

Came to this cafe to get some work done last week. It's good that they have wifi and is spacious. They're located at South Buona Vista road and is accessible from Haw Par Villa Mrt Station. They're located at quite an ulu location.. It's like in the middle of some expensive housing estates. Not sure what kind of crowd they attracts but I seen people came in to read books and brought laptop along to work so Its all good to me. :)

Been seeing their berry ricotta hotcake all over Instagram. It is so beautifully plated and crafted. Oh the red sign is Rise and Grind~ That is also their wifi pwd. 

Address: 38 South Buona Vista Road, 118164
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 1030am - 11pm
Sat - Sun 9am - 11pm

Tada~ Berry Ricotta Hotcake. Look at the myriad of colors represented by strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries! There's also pine nuts, mascarpone and maple syrup. No wonder it tastes so sweet to me! I love that The hotcake itself has a buttery taste to it and the texture is kind of a cakey texture unlike normal pancake which has a fluffy texture. This looks like it is catered for two and it sure took me quite awhile to finish this.

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