REVIEW: Paddy Hills at South Buona Vista

Came to this cafe to get some work done last week. It's good that they have wifi and is spacious. They're located at South Buona Vista road and is accessible from Haw Par Villa Mrt Station. They're located at quite an ulu location.. It's like in the middle of some expensive housing estates. Not sure what kind of crowd they attracts but I seen people came in to read books and brought laptop along to work so Its all good to me. :)

Been seeing their berry ricotta hotcake all over Instagram. It is so beautifully plated and crafted. Oh the red sign is Rise and Grind~ That is also their wifi pwd. 

Address: 38 South Buona Vista Road, 118164
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 1030am - 11pm
Sat - Sun 9am - 11pm

Tada~ Berry Ricotta Hotcake. Look at the myriad of colors represented by strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries! There's also pine nuts, mascarpone and maple syrup. No wonder it tastes so sweet to me! I love that The hotcake itself has a buttery taste to it and the texture is kind of a cakey texture unlike normal pancake which has a fluffy texture. This looks like it is catered for two and it sure took me quite awhile to finish this.

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Day 6 & 7 in Tokyo, Japan (Shibuya - Ginza - Shinagawa)

Headed to Gontran Cherrier for breakfast on the 6th day. Shibuya is really amazing~ It is not difficult to navigate and there's all sorts of yummy food and shopping there! Anyways this is one of the more famous bread shop in Tokyo. Kind of regretted not buying one of their bread to eat instead. 

Ordered a breakfast set instead~ Here's my latte. Loved how Japanese always emphasize on the arrangement. Look how neat the tray is. They even positioned the fork so neatly for you. Their dedication to small details is really admirable.

Here's come my sandwich! Bread with potatoes, bacon and cheese served with greens. :)

So nice~ Okay i positioned the plate and cup nicely to take a nice photo here.

Back to Ginza again!! Seriously love this place even though i can't afford 90% of the stuffs sold here except maybe at Tokyu Hands. lolol

Matsuya Ginza is another one of the 'i can't afford anything here' mall in Ginza. I loved their toilets here though. So nice, neat and best of all quiet. Good for me to slowly floss all the food out after eating. :x

If only I can buy something here.. lol

Wanted to eat at Henri Charpentier first.. but sadly not open for business YET.

Went to Kagari ramen again for lunch!! Ate the Famous tori paiten soba instead this time. Just noticed the name is kind of obscene.. um.

Creamy chicken soup that is so rich, flavorful and yummy!! I can eat and drink this soup everyday. It is seriously the BEST chicken broth ramen i have ever tasted. God bless japan!

So after this. Henri Charpentier is finally opened for business!! Ordered their Milie Crepe cake and again I am so awestruck by their presentation! Look at the wonderful woven of colors on the plate! So pastel and nice right?

Layers and layers of rich cream goodness and so sweet!

Secret passageway to the male toilet. lol The staff insisted to bring me there herself.

Went to this Toyoiwa Inari shrine. It is a shrine located at a small alley way. It is worshipped as a good of marriage and fire prevention.

Also went to  Hakuhinkan Toy park~ It is a paradise for kids who loved toys.

Seriously walked everywhere in Ginza that day.. Spotted HARBS in LUMINE Yurakucho. Why not have a cake and cup of tea here? lol

Ordered this milie crepe cake. Forgot what this is already.. but i remember it is very cheesy.

Went to meet someone in Shinagawa and had dinner at Seizeriya! Their version of carbonara is so much more superior than what we have here in Singapore!

Nothing much here in Shinagawa except lots of tall tall office buildings with Japanese OL and OM still slogging inside. It is around 9pm and there are still so many lights on in this office building. Lots of respect for them.. whereas we always knock off on time in Singapore and complain complain when work gets tough. ;.; Harsh truth. They have a huge tsutaya outlet here though! Found a nice Japanese photobook which i bought.

Had setagaya ramen for breakfast at Haneda airport on my last day! Had to leave early as i have a morning flight. boo hoo for all the time wasted if i had left in late afternoon or evening time. :( Such is the life of a boy who works in a school environment where the boss is stingy and nitpicks at everything including leave entitlement. Also can't apply leave during term time unless got valid reasons. :( As always food at the airport is subpar standard. Enough to fill my tummy til i get back to Singapore.

With this i conclude my 7 days 6 nights in Tokyo! Noted that during my second time here there are alot of things which i have already seen and been to so my schedule is kind of not so tight. I could have shorten this trip to maybe 5 days. Oh well if i ever come here again next time, I will include Osaka as my main priority!

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REVIEW: Floresta Nature Donuts(フロレスタ) in Koenji, Tokyo

  Found this by accident when I was googling where to have breakfast in Koenji~

Shop name of floresta (フロレスタ) is Portuguese and it  means "forest". This is their store front. Their air-conditioned room is just beside their shop. Look at all the adorable animal donuts on display!! They don't just look good, they're tasty and cheap too~ It is a must go if you're in Koenji.

Address: 3 Chome-34-14 Koenjikita, Suginami, Tokyo 166-0002, Japa
Opening Hours: 9am to 9pm everyday

Enter from here~

It is not very big inside but look at all the cute decorations!! It is kind of a mixture of nature and nautical theme. Some flora on the wall.

I ordered an iced mocha with 3 donuts! Chocolate kitty, strawberry bunny and white chocolate kitty! They're too cute to be eaten. xD I randomly chose 3 if the cutest ones there! You may want to order more if you come in a large group. Cafe and food here is very Instagram worthy.

You check out their menu for animal donuts here.

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Day 5 of 7 in Tokyo, Japan (Koenji - Shibuya - Sangenjaya)

Day 5 was spent in Koenji. It is a lot like Shimokitazawa and Jiyugaoka. It's has it's own unique charm with boutiques, unique cafes and second hand clothing stores.  The station area has become a center for small restaurants and "Live Houses" which offer live music but I did not explore that side of this area. Live houses usually operate at night?

You know how creative Japanese are... Researched about this area and this shop came out in my search results. Their donuts are so CUTE and I have not seen this anywhere in Singapore before! I have to come here! This small shop is a must come if you're in Koenji! It's called Floresta Nature Donuts. I am here for breakfast! Their seating area are all air-conditioned and they even have power points for people to charge their devices. They must have alot of tourists or students patronizing to be providing this service. 

Look at all the adorable animal donuts! Do you bear to eat it? lol 

This is one of their shopping streets.

Koenji Pal Shopping Street (高円寺パル商店街, Kouenji Paru Shoutengai) runs south from the west side of Koenji Station where it meets with Koenji Street. After a junction with Etoile Shopping Street, it continues on as Koenji Look at Peach Orchard Creek Green Space (桃園川緑地, Momoen-gawa Ryokuchi). It has about 100 stores under a 250-meter long arcade - the only covered shopping street in Koenji.

It was a nice day in Koenji! Look at the pretty lanterns adoring the streets here.

Went to Tabushi ramen for lunch. No crowd during lunch time but the shop was fairly crowded. 

Here's my ramen. Tonkotsu broth based ramen with bonito flavoured oil. This adds to the richness of the soup with a mild taste of pork. It is a good bowl of ramen imo. Worth a try if you're in the area.

Walked around the area for awhile before making my way to Baron Cafe. They have alot of these rich looking terrace houses around Koenji. Here's a playground area in the midst of the housing area.

Went in and got chased out!!WTF ! You need to make reservations apparently. The owls inside seems to be non aggressive.. but kind of scary. lol Not sure how to make reservations as well... :(

After this, I went to Nagano Broadway. Nothing much here... Their shops here are all kind of similar and caters to the same crowds. lol You know know if you come here. Here's one of the more interesting things I found here! Guess this caters to those nerds who can't get anything.. Cheap hor? 500 yen only?

After this, I went back to Shibuya! Pop by Sagatani Soba for some food as I was hungry! 

Went for Dinner at Hiroki Sangenjaya. Have been wanting to try Authentic okonomiyaki in Japan!! This was so yummy!! Normally don't eat squid as they're hard to chew but this one was crunchy! Prawns were big and juicy. :)

Saw this Pikachu tomato sauce.. Quite unique to use pokemon to advertise for Ketchup. They even have a tutorial printed on the packaging to "teach" you how to make the red cheeks on Pikachu, but of course people already know how to. >.>

Also saw Sayanee at tatsuya.. didn't buy this magazine though! I bought miruki's photobook for collection purposes. I actually went up to carrot tower. Did not snap a picture though. It's supposedly a landamark here in Sangenjaya. The top floor has an observation deck along with a banquet area and restaurant so you can actually go up to have a meal or just to sit around to admire the scenery or just do BOTH~ There's really nothing much here to see though. lol

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