How to decorate your soup with cream

So i followed the tutorial from Eugenie Kitchen and made my own version!

If you follow the tutorial from the link, you just need to drop some cream in a circle anywhere on your soup and use a sharp object and run over the circle in any one direction. I used coconut cream here. Lastly, you can use some basil or whichever herbs you have to do a finishing touch to the soup.

There can be many variations to this.

Have been on a soft food diet at home and lost alot of weight. sigh. -_- Stocked up alot of campbell soup because of this.

Mushroom seafood soup

Mushroom potato soup 

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REVIEW: Envy Coffee at One North

Went to envy coffee for a quick lunch before heading back to office after putting on my separators in preparation for braces! YES, braces. actually already had my braces on now. >.> Very excruciating painful. Okay, shall talk about that in another post! 

Address: #01-04, Nexus@One-North 
1 Fusionopolis Link, Singapore (138542)
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 7.30am to 6pm 
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed

Ordered a cup of latte with awesome heart shape latte art. (: Coffee is good! 

Can you see the little guy among the plant? So cute! haha

The place is Not very big and also not much crowd during lunch time as i think the offices around one north are not yet operational?

Saw mostly angmohs. I think they are expats who work around the area.

Oh they have WIFI as well! Good for people who work around the area for meetings, coffee break or just kids who need to study?

Here comes my spaghetti al funghi ! I feel that the one i had at bricks cafe is still the best. LOL. Um Never blog about that before but this one wasn't bad as well! In fact, It was a little too creamy but i like it anyways. The mushrooms on top was very well-flavored. Still a good plate of pasta though.

Wanted to order their rainbow cake as well but didn't see it anywhere on display so I just make do with their decent food and good coffee.

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REVIEW: Roosevelt's Diner & Bar

So recently I went for appointments at SGH and was nearby so i dropped by Roosevelt's Diner & Bar for Lunch. Also did some work there since they had WIFI as well. Ordered their Eggs Royale.
It's poached eggs with smoked salmon on English muffins drizzled with Hollandaise Sauce. As you can see it was only a slight drizzle, to me the sauce is an important component of a eggs benedict. If the sauce is not enough, we will just be eating plain eggs with no additional flavor. I might as well go to toast box or yakun if i want eggs, right? lol Other than this, the smoked salmon is alright and not exactly salty. English muffin was not overly crispy as well. Was easy on the knife. 

Address: 331 New Bridge Road
#01-02 Dorsett Residences
Singapore 088764

Opening Hours: Mon to thur 8:30am – 10pm 
Fri, Sat 8:30am – midnight 
Sun 8:30am – 10pm 

Read some very bad review about their coffee!! But decided to order coffee latte anyways! Specially requested for this coffee because of this bear latte art. So adorable right! It was worth the wait though, for this and not for the taste. Taste was very average and slightly to the bitter side. I believe they can make other interesting latte art for you if you request for it.

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REVIEW: Brunches Cafe at Rangoon Road

On one of my quests to find yet another place to study at, i stumbled on this cafe! Actually saw that people have been posting on Instagram about this cafe as well. It is walking distance from Farrer Park Mrt so its quite convenient to get to. The cafe exudes a vintage retro vibe with the car in the background, wooden tables and old metal chairs. I quite like the design of this place. Of course they have free WIFI as well. thank god.

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday: 9am – 7pm
Closes on Tuesday
Address: Brunches Cafe, 94 Rangoon Road

Pretty flowers at each table with a positive note.

My Eternal Garden tea came! It's all very picturesque with the pretty flowers in the background.

My prawn aglio olio pasta came. Pasta wasn't exactly al dente but it was yummy nonetheless! Prawns were succulent and tasty though. Can't have best of both world, right? Even their plates are vintage themed!

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