REVIEW: Mu Parlour

This is another cafe that ladyironchef has been to! It is located at Holland Village. It is at the second floor of some shop house. I do not think anyone would spot it if they did not look up. Anyways here's the address :

16 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 27767

I suppose they're quite new as i visited during mid noon and there's hardly any people around. Their servers are comfortably dressed in track pants. Not sure if that's how servers should be dressed in a cafe but nonetheless that is not not a concern. lol 

I ordered their MU breakfast. They serve brunch food all day long so anyone can check out the cafe til their closing. I like how i get alot of food for $16. This is definitely worth my money. This includes 2 poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, french fries, spicy pork and veal sausage, streaky bacon, brioche and greens.

Coffee wise. This is ridiculously bland for a mocha. Please do not order this. order something else!

Cakes were average. I ordered a classic red velvet cake and lemon meringue tart. Did not manage to finish either one. lol

If you're going for the food, it is alright but coffee and deserts were average. 

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REVIEW: Yellow Cup Coffee

I was feeling sad after exams. I thought to myself that i need to go have some good food and I saw that ladyironchef posted a picture of a cuppa from there. Yes he is that influential. So i went there to have my late lunch! 

Nice place but not very easily accessible. You can walk from china town mrt or clark quay mrt. I went to their Central Square outlet. 

Address: 20 Havelock Road #01-09 S059765

I was there at about 2-ish so there are not many people and soon i was the only customer there. Nice place to chill! 

The cafe was aptly decorated with yellow stuffs as their shop name is yellow cup coffee. Notice the yellow chairs, flowers and small ornaments. 

I ordered a hot mocha and I love it! 

I ordered this twin salmon nest. It is basically twin Poached Eggs sit on luscious nests of Smoked Salmon Coupled with toasted Sourdough and Salad Mix. The egg was too raw to be called a poached egg. It looks more like a half boiled egg to me! 

Salmon was nice though! Would be better if there's more salmon for the price i'm paying. Sourdough and salad mix is good as side dishes. 

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Headed to Sunday Folks for an afternoon coffee break!

They are located at 

Chip Bee Gardens #01-52, 44 Jalan Merah Saga, Singapore 278116

You can take a short walk from Holland V mrt. 
I ordered waffles with sea salt gula melaka ice cream while my friend ordered roasted pistachio. As you can see, there's chocolate caramel drizzle around the waffle and also some strawberries and blueberries. Waffle is so goooooooood! As you take a bite on the waffle, the inside is not 'airy' at all as what my friend would have said. The texture is just right - chewy and good! I hope to go back to try out other flavors next time! 

Oh I tried their Mocha too. Coffee is not bad. 

The place is kind of packed though. But you see the food's good, so thats why it can manage to attract such a crowd. Do pop by early as you may just be put on a waiting list! 

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